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Tyson Takeuchi
Bankruptcy and Auto Accident Specialist
Serving California since 1995
Millions recovered for our clients
State Bar #177419
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Foreclosure - Wage Garnishment - Bank Levy - Lawsuit - Repossession
Stop foreclosure of your home
Stop all garnishments, levies and collection actions
Consolidate debt with Court-approved repayment plans
Eliminate some or all of your debt


Save Home - Vehicle - Assets - Retirement
Force the bank to accept a payment plan for mortgage arrears
Pay off your vehicle and get your pink slip
Keep and protect your assets
Invest in the future: 401K, IRA, and other employer programs are protected

 Over 25 Years of Experience

As A California Bankruptcy Attorney

Since 1995, the Tyson Firm has dedicated itself to assisting individuals, families and small businesses in California, experiencing financial hardship. In a world of exorbitant attorneys' fees and questionable results, Tyson M. Takeuchi provides vigorous and affordable representation to the people who need it most.


Certified Bankruptcy Specialist

Since the beginning of his career, Mr. Takeuchi has focused on bankruptcy law and consumer rights, preferring to master the intricacies of the bankruptcy process and offer this profound expertise to his clients. His passionate devotion has earned him certification as a Bankruptcy Specialist by the State Bar of California and the American Board of Certification.

What does this mean? Well, consider this: there are over 175,000 actively practicing attorneys in California. Only 125 of them are certified bankruptcy specialists. That means fewer than 0.00001% of California attorneys have the distinction of being qualified Bankruptcy Specialists!

When it comes to bankruptcy, you deserve the best. Why risk your future with someone who may be unqualified? With Mr. Takeuchi, you won't have to worry. As one of the most qualified bankruptcy attorneys in the state, Mr. Takeuchi will make sure you get the fresh start you deserve.


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